Peter Blauvelt
Composer & Pianist

Peter Blauvelt, Composer & Pianist


Peter Blauvelt's music is contemporary sounding, but in the classical tradition -- with occasional forays into the avantgarde, meditative and more traditional classical music. Individual pieces tend to be fairly well structured, but don't necessarily follow textbook rules, or those of serialism. Extended techniques are often used. Also, individual pieces are meant 

to communicate multi-dimensional non-verbal messages, ranging from the humorous to the serious, the light-hearted to the intense. The compositions always take performers and audiences into consideration. The music also never denies its European roots that range from French to Russian music, in addition to American music.


Peter Blauvelt, Composer & Pianist

Peter Blauvelt was born in France and grew up in Germany,
where he began his studies in composition and piano. In 1975, he came to the
U.S., where he studied at Harvard University. There, he received three degrees -- including a doctorate in composition. Since 1968, he has often given recitals -- not only of his own pieces -- in the U.S., France and Germany, in public and on the radio, and has received several prizes for both composition and piano. Meanwhile, he has also been performed in other countries in Europe and North America. After leaving Boston for Florida in 1984, he co-founded the "Tampa Bay Composers' Forum" in 1989 and founded "Creative Arts and Tutoring Services" in 1990.


Teachers - in alphabetical order:
   Composition:        Gerhard Frommel, Earl Kim, Leon Kirchner, Fred Lerdahl, Hermann Schaefer and 
                                 Ivan Tcherepnin
   Piano:                  Christoph Back, Erwin Schmieder and Harriet Shirvan
   Chamber Music:   Robert Koff


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# 1

"Kaleidoscope" for Trombone Quartet (1990),    
Part of 1st Movement   [1'07"]

# 2

Five studies for Violin and Viola (1997),              Part of 2nd Movement  [1'42"]

# 3

Third Sonata for Cello and Piano (1993),             Opening of 3rd Movement  [0'57"]

# 4

"Oblaka" for Mezzo Soprano and 7 Instruments (1993), Beginning of 3rd song   [1'40"]


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